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The division of applied management sciences of Multi-Lynx focuses on project economic and financial appraisal.  Multi-Lynx has substantial experience in various aspects of economic analysis, energy audits and utilization, project evaluation using cost-benefit analysis, market demand analysis, project financing, investment decisions and risk analysis.  Our work is enhanced by our active research on project assessment and managerial decisions under conditions of market uncertainty.












Client Challenge


During the middle 1980s, the City of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania experienced rapid decline in economic activity and population growth. Most of the workforce within the City commuted from suburban neighborhoods. After 6.00 p.m. every weekday, the City of Pittsburgh essentially was deserted for the suburbs. There were little or no activities in the downtown section of the City. Through studies conducted by several regional and national agencies, the City became aware of the need for high quality affordable inclusive housing, specifically designed for the City�s workforce. Such inclusive housing would promote in-migration back to the City.


As part of the comprehensive plan to revitalize the City of Pittsburgh, the Housing Authority of the City of Pittsburgh, HACP, entered into an agreement with the Garfield Jubilee Association, GJA, to develop several properties in the Garfield Neighborhood of the City. In order to implement the development of the properties, the HACP needed to verify that the properties could indeed be developed. Therefore, the HACP issued a task order request to Multi-Lynx Companies, Inc. to conduct feasibility and other studies to ascertain the viability of developing the identified properties.


Scope of Work


The feasibility study identified several options that illustrate the ideal number of residential units suitable for each identified property, optimum number and size of bedrooms, and the suitability or otherwise of each property to accommodate Uniform Federal Accessibility Standards, UFAS-designated units. The HACP prefers to develop properties to accommodate three and four-bedroom UFAS-designated units.


Multi-Lynx prepared a Feasibility Study Report that presented an assessment and evaluation of several properties located in the Garfields neighborhood of the City of Pittsburgh. The Report provided the data necessary to support the development or otherwise of several identified properties. The recommendations in the Report were based partly on a Phase I Environmental Site Assessment of the properties conducted by Multi-Lynx Companies, Inc., and on a topographic and property surveys of the properties also conducted by Multi-Lynx.


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