Client Challenge

The City of Pittsburgh Urban Redevelopment Authority (URA), in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania is the �professional� development agency for the City of Pittsburgh. As has been very well documented by both federal and local government agencies, the population of metropolitan Pittsburgh has been declining since the late 1970s and early 1980s. This decline has been directly attributed to the decline of the Steel industry, of which Pittsburgh was a global leader.


During the middle 1980s, Downtown City of Pittsburgh was in rapid decline. Most of the workforce within the City commuted from suburban neighborhoods. After 6.00 p.m. every weekday, the City was deserted for the suburbs. There were little or no activities in the downtown section of the City. Through studies conducted by the URA, the City became aware of the need for high quality affordable housing, specifically designed for the City�s workforce. Such inclusive housing would promote in-migration back to the City. Hence was conceived the Crawford Square Development.











Scope of Work


Crawford Square Development involved the development of 200 units of rental and for-sale town-homes and single-family homes. Working with McCormack Baron and Associates, the URA financed and managed the development of high quality affordable market rate residential housing within walking distance of the commercial center of the City of Pittsburgh. The URA retained Multi-Lynx to provide planning, geotechnical engineering investigation, stormwater management, and construction management services for multiple phases of this development. In all, there were four separate and distinct phases for the development.


Multi-Lynx Value


By using innovative and state of the art methodologies, Multi-Lynx was able to facilitate an expedited construction schedule that resulted in savings of several hundred thousand dollars for both the URA and McCormack Baron. The Multi-Lynx design team was able to integrate planning, geotechnical engineering investigation, and stormwater management design services into a unified sequence that eliminated potential agency-review delays. The result was that when construction finally started, there was very little design-related or agency review delays. Construction was completed several weeks ahead of the planned schedule resulting in savings of several thousand dollars for the URA.


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Phase IIA Rental Apartments

Phase IIB For Sale - Townhomes

Phase IIA Rental Apartments

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