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Multi-Lynx incorporates innovative solutions to civil engineering problems for the private and public sector communities.  With the increased complexity as new rules and regulations are being implemented by agencies, development and construction costs in turn increase.  Our staff has the expertise, experience and knowledge to deliver designs for construction that cost less and are constructed faster than our competitors.  Our staff also works with the contractor during construction to continually monitor progress to deliver each project on schedule and under budget.


Multi-Lynx is as adept with complex renovations and restorations as with new construction.  Our technology systems can coordinate and transfer design information quickly and accurately to most of todayâ��s computerized systems.  Combining our individual talents with modern technology, Multi-Lynx produces innovative, creative and cost-effective design solutions that reflect client needs.


Our experience with commercial, industrial and residential developments, recreational parks and trails, highways, oil and gas, and rail projects give our staff the advantage to anticipate, lead, and respond promptly to critical planning, engineering, environmental, and permitting issues.  At Multi-Lynx, our skilled professionals provide the leadership needed for immediate solutions to complicated issues.


Multi-Lynx uses the latest technology to facilitate project development. Through extensive use of graphic computer technology early in the development process, Multi-Lynx fully explores and accurately represents multiple options for consideration.  Multi-Lynx uses geographic information systems (GIS), and global positioning system (GPS) for economic redevelopment planning, infrastructure planning, land use studies, site selection, property management, and transportation planning.


The Multi-Lynx Difference


� Personal Attention

� Client Satisfaction

� Rapid Response

� Diversified Services

� Application of Technology


For Professional Consultation, Please Contact:

James Walston

Business Development Manager


Telephone: +1.412.848.4400; Mobile


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Civil Engineering Services


Private Sector Development

Feasibility Analysis

Master and Site Planning

Pedestrian Circulation Analysis

Landscape Architecture

Streetscape Design

Zoning and Permitting

Parks and Recreation

Commercial Development


Infrastructure Engineering



Roadways and Streets

Rail and Transit

Oil and Gas Pipeline

Geotechnical Engineering and Analysis

Tunnel Engineering and Analysis

Site Construction Plans

Stormwater Drainage

Stormwater Management

Water Resources

Water Distribution

Wastewater Collection

Erosion and Sediment Control

Project Management

Community Development Districts

Floodplain Impact Analysis

Floodplain Mitigation

Agency Permitting



Environmental Engineering


Wetland Delineations

Wetland Mitigation

Environmental Impact Analysis

Environmental Characterization

Environmental Restoration Projects

NEPA Compliance

RCRA Corrective Action Programs

Brownfield Development


Construction Phase Services


Bidding and Specifications

On-site Inspections

Shop Drawing Reviews

Payment Request Reviews

Change Order Reviews

Resident Engineering

Owner Representation


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