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Our expertise is in the areas of Heating, Ventilation and Air-Conditioning (HVAC) design, Energy Management, Fire Protection, Plumbing, Single and Combined Cycle Gas Turbines design, and Building Systems Management for commercial, residential, institutional and industrial applications.


Specific electrical engineering experience include the design of building electrical systems, industrial processes, as well as control, protection, metering, distribution, and energy management systems for power co-generation plants. Some of the projects include system analyses of existing electrical service systems, electrical engineering services for lighting retrofit at educational institutions, medical facilities, multiple unit residential structures, and office complexes.


Specific mechanical engineering experience include the design of HVAC, EMCS, energy management, plumbing, fire protection, and building survey and assessment for residential, institutional, commercial and industrial facilities.


Elevator Ventilation

MEP Control Valves

MEP Ducts

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