Client Challenge


During the middle 1980s, the City of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania experienced rapid decline in population and economic activity. Most of the workforce within the City commuted from suburban neighborhoods. Every weekday, after 6.00 p.m. the City was deserted for the suburbs. There were little or no activities in the downtown section of the City. Through studies conducted by regional and national agencies, the City of Pittsburgh became aware of the need for high quality residential housing, specifically designed for the City�s workforce. Such housing would promote the re-growth of City neighborhoods.


Multi-Lynx is currently providing planning and comprehensive engineering services to the Manchester Citizens Corporation, MCC, for the development of a 4.3-acre property that has been abandoned for more than 10 years. Services that Multi-Lynx is scheduled to provide include project management, environmental site assessment, site remediation, geotechnical engineering, construction management, cost estimates, and engineering services during construction, among others.












Scope of Work


Multi-Lynx began an initial task of environmental site assessment of the abandoned property, formerly used to house a lighting fixtures manufacturing facility. The property, which is located in a residential urban setting, has remained undeveloped due to longstanding concerns over environmental contamination resulting from the manufacturing operations. The proposed development on the site will consist of a mix of high-density residential townhouses and light commercial facilities.


The environmental site assessment included the drilling of several test borings and installation of monitoring wells. Soil samples were collected and analyzed in the laboratory for the presence of petroleum, organic chemicals, and metals. Groundwater samples were collected and analyzed in the laboratory in accordance with regulatory environmental health standards.


This project is being financed by a public-private funding partnership. Multi-Lynx is currently pursuing a �no-risk� clearance from State environmental regulatory authorities, following which construction will commence


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Project Site � Looking North

Project Site � Soil Sampling Activity

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