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During the middle 1980s, the City of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania experienced rapid decline in population and economic activity. Most of the workforce within the City commuted from suburban neighborhoods. Every weekday, after 6.00 p.m. the City was deserted for the suburbs. There were little or no activities in the downtown section of the City. Through studies conducted by regional and national agencies, the City of Pittsburgh became aware of the need for high quality residential housing, specifically designed for the City�s workforce. Such housing would promote the re-growth of City neighborhoods.


As part of the comprehensive plan to revitalize the City of Pittsburgh, the Housing Authority of the City of Pittsburgh, HACP, entered into an agreement with Keith B. Key Enterprises, a private property developer, to develop several properties in the Garfield Neighborhood of the City. In order to implement the development of the properties, the HACP needed to verify that the location of the proposed development is free of historic coal mining activities. Therefore, the HACP issued a task order request to Multi-Lynx Companies, Inc. to conduct a geotechnical engineering investigation of the location for the proposed development.












Scope of Work


The objective of the investigation was to provide the data necessary to support site preparation, and design and construction of residential housing and support facilities. The existing development consisted of a bench with a surface elevation of approximately 1174 feet above mean sea level, and a second lower bench to the South at an approximate elevation of between 1040 and 1100 feet above mean sea level. Coal was believed to have been mined in the vicinity of the proposed development.


After conducting field investigations and laboratory analyses of representative field soil and fill samples, Multi-Lynx developed and issued specific geotechnical engineering recommendations for site preparation, building foundation, pavement design, site grading, and construction management.


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